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Born in Singapore and based in LA,

Wils taught himself to play the guitar and piano to pen down songs that radiates his heart. He is a sing-songwriter, actor, producer and advocate for the Gay community. 

His coming-out journey received video support from [Click links for videos] Andy Cohen,  Lance Bass (Nsync) and Boy George (Culture Club)  encouraging him to live his truth fearlessly about the courageous life-changing decision he made for himself and his fans. 

Music kept him through the dark times of his life living in the closet as pop recording artist in Asia. 

During his performance at the Sing50 concert in front of 44,000 concert goers, Wils realized something was amiss. He thought it would have been a dream come true moment for his journey as a Star. His career was heating up in Asia, yet he felt Shame living in the closet. He decided to live his authentic life by coming out in 2019. This was a pivotal moment as hundreds of Asian LGBT kids celebrated their representation of a Gay Asian singer in mainstream media. 


Despite facing oppression in Asia, Wils never stopped making music. The fun and relatable artist is dubbed as "Hollywood's next sensation" by Perez Hilton. 


His song "Open up babe" which debut after he came out, was featured on Billboard. 

His story touched the hearts of thousands of underrepresented Asian LGBT kids, and changed the lives of those who found the courage to come out after discovering his journey. 

"When I was growing up in Asia, there wasn't any representation of LGBT people in media. I always felt like an outcast and felt so lonely hiding and dealing with the shame of being Gay on my own. I just hope that people especially the Gays will be inspired by my art to live their lives in a fun and happy way being their true selves."

The relatable artist was invited to share his inspirational story on Taj and TJ Jackson's show "The power of Love show presented by the Dee dee Jackson foundation.

Wils joined forces with Grammy award winning producer Randy Jackson (American Idol) to tap into his globe-spanning influences and create a whole new take on dance-ready pop. Their track "Back to life" came in #2 on the Swiss dance charts. 

Wils was featured in Buzzfeed for Pride month. His interview attracted support from thousands of underrepresented LGBT kids in Asia who found a voice of representation through Wils' music and story. He created a community for those who can't find a place to be loved being Gay in Asia.

Wils was featured on the cover of Menshealth magazine, New York Times Magazine, Yahoo Style, Shanghai times News, South China Morning Post, Pride.